I do NOT have a crush on Andy Bernard! I don’t. I’m serious.

However, I love (LOVE) a capella music. Every year, we buy one Christmas CD, and last year’s purchase was the holiday album of Tonic Sol-fa, a four-man a capella group from Minnesota.

So, based on my love for the a capella, you might – like Chelley – assume that I love Andy Bernard from The Office. After all, he is quite the vocalist (see this video for proof, and thanks to Chelley for the link).

But I don’t. Okay? So quit.

I have possibly found Chelley’s future husband, though. Actually, I’ve possibly found her 10 potential future husbands. And their names are Straight No Chaser.

(Thanks to Peter Shankman for bringing this group to my attention!)

Maybe you all have heard of this 10-man a capella group that started at Indiana University back in the 90s? Apparently, the group had a reunion a couple years ago, put video of their old concerts up on Youtube, and almost immediately went viral.

Straight No Chaser sings fun stuff like “Teen Sensation Medley” and “Sitcom Medley,” serious (?) stuff like “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” and “Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and holiday stuff like “The 12 Days of Christmas” and “Carol of the Bells.” But beware! Once you get started watching these videos, you might just get hooked and lose an hour and a half of your life.

Or maybe that’s just me. (But don’t even tell me you don’t like this one.)

What about you? Do you like a capella music? Do you own a pitch pipe? Are you actually a member of a barbershop quartet?

Edited: I finally found their website. I must have been crazy or blind this morning. Here it is, with a full history on the bio page.

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