This Sunday, a group of bloggers will leave their safe, comfortable lives to fly halfway around the world to India. They will visit Compassion International projects and share what they see and what they learn with their readers.

Last fall, I was safe and comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Even though I knew it was disrespectful and possibly tempting fate (well, you know, Fate), I had said several times that I was so thankful that God has not called me to the mission field.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m all for missionaries. I have several friends who serve overseas, and I pray for them and am so thankful for the sacrifices they make. I’m thankful for missionaries, inspired by missionaries. But I didn’t want to be one.

And then Compassion sent a group of bloggers to the Dominican Republic. And they wrote about it. And my heart was changed.

Now another group of bloggers is preparing to leave their families to visit Kolkata, India. I’ve already been reading about difficulty from malaria prevention medication, fears about flying, concerns about leaving children and a hacked blog. And then I got an e-mail today that mentioned other concerns: a 12-hour time difference, oppressive heat, common ailments in the area including typhoid and meningitis.

There’s a lot to pray for. Will you join me?

Here are five ways you can follow the bloggers on their trip to India:

  1. Compassion’s website: A snippet of every post, every pic and video will be uploaded to this page.
  2. Facebook group: A Facebook group has been created not only to generate prayer and encouragement for the bloggers but also to share links to posts, pics and videos.
  3. Twitter: A few of the bloggers will attempt to use Twitter while in India. Follow @theshaungroves, @spencesmith, @flowerdust, and #CompassionIndia.
  4. RSS feed: This is the link to the trip’s RSS feed. Subscribing to the feed will send a snippet of every post from every blogger to your RSS reader.
  5. Individual blogs: If you’d prefer to follow the trip by visiting each blog, here are the bloggers, photographers and leaders: Pete Wilson, Melissa Fitzpatrick, Angela Smith, Robin Dance, Keely Scott, Anne Jackson, Spence Smith, Patricia Jones, Shaun Groves

I can’t wait to read about this group’s experiences in Kolkata. I hope you’ll follow along, too.

And on a related note . . . I’m excited to introduce you to the newest member of my family:

This is Elizabeth. She’s a 6-year-old who lives in Ghana, which is in West Africa. She’s been waiting for a sponsor from Compassion for more than six months. And now she has one!

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