I haven’t been to the library lately. I have two overdue books and one book on reserve, but I just can’t make myself go there. Partly because it’s a pain to go with Annalyn these days. Apparently, it’s more fun to push buttons on the self-checkout machine than to sit still while Mommy checks out her books. But partly because I just can’t handle picking up one more thing to read.

But that’s crazy! I love to read! Reading is my favorite thing! How can I feel this way? Where are these feelings coming from? Why am I exclaiming so loudly on my blog?

Oh yeah. If it’s not the 118 blogs I subscribe to, it might be the five (5) magazines I’m reading at one time.

And I wonder why my head hurts and my eyes are getting blurry . . .

What’s your favorite thing to read? How many magazines do you get each month?

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