Wow! God has one good sense of humor, friends. Just yesterday afternoon, I told a girlfriend that I’m so hooked on everything online that I just can’t imagine going without it.

And then I tried to get online to prepare for our Bible study last night. And . . . nuthin’.

A big THANK YOU to Chelleybutton for putting up the announcement. And thank you, too, to everyone for being flexible. I hope you’ll still join us tonight to discuss what we learned in Week 2. And if you can’t, I hope you’ll share your insights, questions and thoughts in the comments of this post.

If you have been interested in studying Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild but can’t join in here, it’s not too late. Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump in at any time.

However, if you’d really like to start from the beginning, Beth Moore and her Siestas are doing this study (starting THIS WEEK) on the Living Proof Ministries blog.

Last but not least today – please pray that we have no more technical difficulties and that everything goes smoothly tonight. Chat with you at 8!

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