UPDATE: Congratulations to BeckyJo and Debbie! (And thanks to Chelley for giving us a second book!) Your copy of Me, Myself & Lies will be on its way today!

For everyone else, please join us anyway. If you are having trouble finding a book online, check your local stores. Especially the Lifeway stores. The Lifeway store near me had several; I believe you can order and pay over the phone and have it shipped to you. The number to my store is 816-746-8080.

See you all on Monday! We’ll chat live at 8:00 p.m. CST.

  1. I’ve just learned that our Bible study book is out of stock on the Lifeway site. According to Beth Moore’s blog, you can call customer service and have them find one at a store near you. That number is 1-800-458-2772. However, I also have one book to give away. The trick is going to be getting it to you in time for our first session on Monday. So, if you want to do the study with us and haven’t gotten your book, leave a comment on this post before midnight. I’ll draw a random winner – and ship the book – tomorrow. (If you don’t know what study I’m talking about, you can read about it here.) And don’t worry – we’re just talking about the study in general on Monday. We’ll discuss the first chapter the following week.
  2. Some of you may have noticed that I have begun replying to your comments via e-mail. If you’d like me to reply to you that way and haven’t gotten such a reply, that’s because I don’t have your e-mail address. The easiest way to make this all happen is to have your e-mail address linked to the account you sign in with. Colleen explains how to do this on her very helpful (and funny as all get out) blog.
  3. I just want you to know that I have not forgotten my promise to share with you everything I’ve learned at the social media conferences I’ve attended recently. I even have a handy dandy folder with all my notes. It’s just hard to boil it all down to one post, and I haven’t gotten it done yet. But I will. Hopefully before people start talking about Web 4.0 . . .
  4. I am now officially in love with two things named Arrested Development. Yes, you needed to know that.
  5. Please help me out. I can’t decide which of these things is funnier: Awkward Family Photos or the literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. What say you?
  6. If you Twitter, you can follow me. I can’t guarantee wit or wisdom. But if you’re not a interactive marketing specialist here to make me money, I’ll probably follow you back.
  7. My blog friend Annie is in Africa right now with the Mocha Club. You can read about her adventures at the Mocha Club blog (or click on the widget in my sidebar). And you can help for just $7 a month.
  8. I wish with all my heart there was an easier way to make numbered or bulleted lists in Blogger.

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