When Mark and I got married, we pulled together a bedroom suit of furniture from – essentially – our parents’ leftovers. We used a dresser from his parents and one from mine, the full-size mattress and box springs his parents bought him in the early 90s, a bedside table that once belonged to his grandfather, and eventually, a headboard my parents gave us for Christmas.

And it worked. It really did.

But after a while we longed for beautiful matching furniture, and more importantly, a bed large enough to more comfortably fit the four of us.

(You know, Mark, me and the two cats.)

Last fall, after saying for several months that we wished we were as lucky as my brother and sister-in-law who got an incredible deal on furniture at a store closing, we heard about some incredible deals on furniture at a store closing.

Long story slightly shorter, we got some new stuff – including a queen-sized bed, which is just so nice. It’s like we’re sleeping in a hotel every night. Except for free. Except for what we paid for the furniture. Because “deal” does not mean “free.”

Anyway, check it out:
Yay! The big bed! (Please don’t mind our crazy green walls. Painting them is on the list, k?)
Hmmm…the big bed with a kitty. (Or, as she’s called by the kiddo: Mow!)
If I don’t make up the bed, I find that kitty sleeping on my pillow. Like a person. Who belongs there. (Thank goodness for lint rollers!)
Mark’s shot glass collection on his dresser. We each get a dresser – and so many drawers that they’re still not all full yet!
And finally, my ironing board. What? You thought I’d have an actual board and iron? (Okay, I do have one. I just detest setting it up and, shudder, using it!)

What does your bedroom furniture look like? Antiques? New and modern? Hand-me-downs? Traditional? Modern? Tell me all about it!
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