Sometimes Annalyn is naughty. Actually . . . these days, she’s naughty fairly often. Her most recent misbehavior of choice is spitting. And screaming is a pretty close second.

We’ve been having what you might call “discipline issues” at our house.

Since Friday, though, I’ve found that – surprise, surprise – immediate and consistent consequences really make an impression.

The thing that I’m having to get over is that handing out immediate and consistent consequences is darned inconvenient!

Don’t worry. I’m getting over it. So over it that I have, in fact, pulled the car over, gotten out and walked around to her side, and dealt with the problem.

It’s not fun, but it seems to be working. This week (so far . . .) she has been sooo super sweet! I had to work late tonight, and when I got home, all she wanted to do was hug me and kiss me and sit on my lap.

Now that’s something I could stand more of!!


On another note, Monday night was the last chat for our Me, Myself & Lies study. I hope those of you who participated got something out of it. I really enjoyed our chats and hope to visit with you ladies more!


And on yet another topic, Monday night was also the day that Mark broke his healthy (or, at least, uninjured) streak. He fell at work and badly sprained his ankle. We know for sure it’s not broken because he got the privilege of sitting in the emergency room for six hours. Putting him home at 4:30 a.m. That’s in the morning!

Poor guy. At least they gave him crutches this time.

(Yes, this time. He may or may not make a habit of getting injured . . .)


How’s your week going?

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