But I don’t like baking. Well, that’s not true. I don’t mind baking. It’s just that it takes so much time. And measuring. And ingredients.

Okay, I don’t like baking. Cooking, yes. Baking, not so much.

I manage just fine, though. Don’t be feeling sorry for me. Brownies from a box mix are delicious enough to be my specialty (quit laughing!), and rice krispy treats don’t require me to turn on the oven at all. Neither do chocolate pudding pies.

But there’s something about a muffin. Or a biscuit. Or a roll. Really, any bread will do.

My dad is a big fan of bread. So growing up, our meals were never complete without some sort of bread. My mom taught me how to make biscuits from scratch, several kinds of muffins, garlic bread, banana bread and more.

But, sadly, I’ve abandoned my cook from scratch ways.

Thankfully, I’m obviously not the only cook who prefers convenience over scratchiness. Because you can get a mix for just about anything.

And my favorite is the muffin mix. Specifically, the one that says “just add water.” At less than a dollar per mix, it’s easy to stock up and have them on hand.

I was glad I’d done just that last night. Mark had the night off, so I actually had to got to cook dinner for us. And a packet of muffin mix was quick and easy – and rounded out our meal.

Please, don’t ask about a vegetable. Surely the onions in the cheesy chicken count?

Do you like to bake? What’s your favorite type of bread? Or you a non-carb type of person?

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