When my daughter was a newborn, my mom gave me several classical music CDs.

But we didn’t need them. No, we were all set – with Chicago’s Greatest Hits and a Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman mix tape. (Okay, technically it was a mix CD, but that doesn’t really have the same ring to it.)

See, I’d read in one of the many parenting books that graced my nightstand during those early months that babies need loud sounds in order to be soothed. In essence, my baby needed to rock out.

So Chicago it was. And…I have to admit…Air Supply. Don’t laugh! They rock…softly…

The thing is that cheesy as it might be, there was something special about singing my daughter to sleep with the words, “Even the nights are better now that we’re here together. Even the nights are better since I found you.”

It got me through some late nights, that’s all I’m saying.

Music has been a part of our bond since the beginning. (And yes, it’s likely that my daughter will blame me for her secret love of Air Supply, just as I blame my own mother. It’s a cycle and it will not be broken.) I’m happy to report, though, that our special songs have evolved from elevator music.

There was the counting song, making diaper changes bearable. And then we had the Veggie Tales song, which made my daughter smile so big I was able to stuff one more spoonful of cereal into her mouth. Recently, though, we’ve officially graduated to Children’s Music.

These days, my daughter doesn’t just listen to music or smile at her favorite songs. No, that funny girl dances to her tunes and even tries to sing along. And as she learns her words, I’m so thankful we’ve moved on to uplifting choruses and praise songs like those found on Praise Baby CDs and DVDs.

Although I’m not gonna lie. I’m sure we’ll be “Lost in Love” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” at some point – I just think I’ll save that for her less formative years.

Originally posted on February 26, 2009, at Praise Baby Blog.

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