Oldies music makes me smile . . . and throw jazz hands in the air. I think it has something to do with three years in show choir and a director who loved the oldies.

And the smokes. That man could hardly manage a 30-minute bus trip to competition without going into withdrawal. But I suppose that’s another story.

Today, Robin and Jo-Lynne are hosting a Blog Hop for all of us folks not going to BlogHer, that little blogger get-together happening this week.

Aside from wondering if I’ll ever find another occasion to wear a poodle skirt, thinking about a Blog Hop just brings to mind fun tunes from the 1950s.

And Grease. And . . . milkshakes.

Speaking of movies made in 1978 (that would be Grease, please keep up), I am really busy this week. See, it’s a big birthday year for me and for a lot of my friends. And because several of us have found it difficult to clear our calendars to celebrate each of these big days, Smitty and I decided to throw one big party for all of us.

I won’t go into details about all the many things I have to do between now and Friday evening. I won’t bore you with squeals of how excited I am to see all my old (but not that old!) friends. And I won’t whine about how I’m a little tiny bit nervous about mixing my high school friends with my college friends.

Nope. I’m just going to say to anyone and everyone who stops by today – Welcome! and Hello!

Robin had some advice for the Blog Hop, and she warned against being too wordy or linking to a dozen of our favorite posts. I mean, you all have a lot of blogs to check out today!

But I can’t help it. Just in case today’s visitors want to learn more about me and just in case my wonderful readers want to relive the good times, here are my links. My rule-breaking (sorry, Robin!) links about very important topics.

And, oh yeah, I like to share pics of my cute kiddo. Exhibit A:

Have a great day, friends. And don’t forget to hop on over to Robin’s place for the party! (And I just found another party – check out the Happy Blognerd Bash, too!)

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