This week’s posts have been a little heavy, haven’t they? Good, but heavy. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t assume you all agree with me on the “good” count.

Anyway. I thought we’d lighten things up today. So I have three questions for you. Answer one or answer all. Just answer in the comments!

Question #1: What TV shows have you been watching this summer? Or, if you are one of those people who are too busy swimming and playing and whatnot in the summer, what TV shows are you looking forward to watching this fall?

Question #2: What is your favorite dipping sauce? Annalyn is a real big fan of all dipping sauces lately – and she calls them “dot dot.” That’s her funny pronunciation of ketchup, but it goes for ranch dressing and salsa, too. So – what’s your dot dot of choice?

Question #3: What’s the most fun thing you’ve done so far this summer?

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