Do you all watch Psych? It is one of my favorite TV shows.

(Yes, I’m talking about TV again. My brain has shut off for the weekend and does not plan to resume functioning until sometime tomorrow morning.)

Anyway, as the banner says, it’s about a guy who pretends to be a psychic but is actually just highly observant. His best friend Gus is a pharmaceutical sales rep by day and fake psychic sidekick by night – or days when he’s not selling pharmaceuticals. As Shawn, the main character, says in the first episode of this summer, “You know the Mentalist, right? It’s like that.”

Like most shows in cable networks, Psych doesn’t follow the regular programming seasons. Fortunately for me, this means it was perfectly timed to start its season just as my beloved So You Think You Can Dance was winding down.

Just in case you haven’t been watching this hilarious show, which is, admittedly, a formulaic cop/detective show but also chock-full of pop culture references that crack me up every time, here’s a sample of the funny-ness you’re missing:

  • A gentleman of leisure never packs his gun next to his socks. It’s uncouth.
  • Here I was thinking you’re Thomas Crown. But you’re just Remington Steele. Does that make me Laura Holt? Do you think a guy likes me wants to be Stephanie Zimbalist? Maybe.
  • There’s something weird about every family. It’s what makes America great.
  • Note to self: be rich some day.
  • I have peeps, Shawn.
  • You have two peeps, and one is made of marshmallow.

See how funny that is? (What? It’s not as funny taken completely out of context? Surely you jest . . .) Oh, and you’re wondering about the title of this post? Well, Shawn has a habit of introducing Gus with crazy names when they’re investigating a case. And Friday’s episode gave Gus the best name ever: Jazz Hands.

This weekend I went to see The Ugly Truth with Smitty, watched my taped (yes, on my VCR) episode of Psych, rented 17 Again, ate way too many carbs, spent many hours with Little Miss WalkWalkWalk and, oh yeah, spent time with both sides of our family. More on all that later.

How was your weekend?

What should you watch next?


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