Some of you also mentioned enjoying my photos. And since I aim to please…

A couple weeks ago, I had some time to kill in the Detroit airport, and I decided to write a survey. It was so much fun that I can guarantee I’ll do it again.

Maybe I’ll take a survey of what TV shows to watch this fall . . . or what Christmas presents to buy . . . or how to cut my hair . . . oh, the possibilities are endless.

Until all of our survey dreams come true, though, I thought I’d share the results from this first one.

  1. Only about half of you (47%) subscribe to this blog. Ahem. If you would like to subscribe – which means every new post from Giving Up on Perfect automatically shows up in your Feed Reader or in your e-mail – just click that orange button over on the right. Easy peasy.
  2. Out of the 44 people who took my survey, 14% were first-time readers. Umm . . . you all must really like surveys! Which is cool with me. I’m a big fan of the survey, too. Oh, did I already mention that?
  3. Almost half of you know me in real life, with a whopping 7% claiming that I make you read my blog. Honestly, I’m not sure who’s saying such things, because Mark and Smitty don’t even read every day . . .
  4. Speaking of reading frequency, 42% of survey respondents (now doesn’t that sound official?) read this blog every day. Thank you.
  5. As I suspected, most of my readers are women. Three men did take the quiz, though. I hope you’ll comment on this post and tell me who you are. But since I don’t see that happening, I’m going to guess that at least one of those guys is my brother. And maybe my friend Jeremy of the Cheez-It fame.
  6. The ages were all across the board, although a solid 50% are somewhere in their thirties. I’m not sure if that counts anyone who is perpetually 39. The free survey software may not be that sophisticated.
  7. Interestingly, the posts that you all most enjoy are rambling accounts of my daily life. I’m not so sure why, but I’m making an effort here to ramble more. For you, my readers. The sacrifices I make . . .
  8. Also in the running for top topics: memories and stories (good thing, as I do love to reminisce), my always valuable opinions on pop culture (another good thing, as I will not be turning off the TV anytime soon) and parenting.
  9. The less-loved topics – and yes, I know the survey forced you to answer, even though you didn’t want to because you love me – were book reviews, food and domestic life. Hmmm. Well, I can cut back on book reviews and spare you the details of my housecleaning routine (ha!). But people, you need to know this: food and I have a close relationship, and we will probably not be parting anytime soon.
  10. Finally, half of you prefer me to respond to comments in the comment section. And boy, have I been letting you down! I will try to get better at this, but even if I don’t respond to your comment, I promise I still appreciate it.

Now, about those essay questions. You all just made my day. Seriously, you do know this was an anonymous survey, right? I can’t give anyone credit for saying nice things or making sweet comments or telling me how wonderful I am. You know this?

And yet you did it anyway.

As a thank you, I’m going to give one lucky reader a signed copy of Holley Gerth’s devotional, Rain on Me. I met Holley at Blissdom and we clicked immediately. Now I’m getting the chance to know her better as we work on (in)courage together, and I just love this girl. You will, too!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me something you’d like me to write about on this blog. It can be a story, a list or the answer to any question you’d like to ask. Comments will be closed on Saturday, and then I’ll randomly select a winner.

If you’re lucky, I might even answer your questions or write about the stories you request. At least that would keep me from doing those annoying carnivals so often, right, Survey Taker #15?

Oh, calm down. You know I kid.

But this post will be linked to Top Ten Tuesday and What I Learned This Week. (See? Ask me some questions!)

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