Awww, look at those chips. So bare, so naked, so in need of a good dip.

It was pretty much unanimous yesterday: blogging about healthy stuff is good.

I believe I’ll start next week.

Today, on the other hand, I want to talk about dips. I suppose healthy dips do exist. I’ve heard rumors of something called hummus. But for me, dips are heavy, creamy, cheesy things that give chips and crackers a reason to live.

Now, there are categories of dips. My favorite, you might be surprised to learn, is not the fruit dip or even the sweet dip. Now, I enjoy the fluffy cinnamony apple dip, and the cheese ball covered in chocolate chips served with graham crackers is delicious.

But – hold on tight, because this will be a shocker – I am most fond of the cheese dips.

You know I love me some espinaca from “my” restaurant, Jose Peppers. But I also love regular old chile con queso, spinach and artichoke dip (“spin dip,” for those of you in the know), my cousin’s Mexidip and some concoction my friend Teresa makes with chipped beef and cheese (I know how that sounds, but I’m telling you I could eat an entire bowl).

I don’t only eat cheesy dips, though. I mean, I don’t mind veggie dip. It’s actually the only way I can eat carrots, the hateful veggie. (Hateful because they don’t taste good.) Normally I eat ranch-type dip with veggies, but sometimes I branch out to dill dip. Mmmm…you know what’s good with that dilly dip? Bread. Bread is good with dill dip.

And then there are the foods that aren’t technically dips but are good enough for an honorable mention. I’m talking about crab rangoon here. Or a block of cream cheese, covered with jalapeno jelly and served with Wheat Thins.

Could there be an appetizer easier than that?

Velveeta and salsa (or Ro-tel) is a pretty close second, I suppose, when it comes to easy. And I have been known to have some of that. For dinner. Or a snack. Of course, just for a snack.

Dips are a wondrous thing. They can be hot or cold, spicy or sweet, cheesy or bad – they can be anything you want! And in honor of this magical food group, BooMama is holding a dip carnival today – a Diptacular, if you will. (Oh yes, yes I will.) So if you’re looking for a dip recipe or if you’d like to link up one of your own, head over there and tell her I sent you.

You don’t really have to tell her that. But you totally could. I wouldn’t mind.

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