Well, less an address than . . . a post. Or a disclaimer. Or announcements. Whatever you want to call it, I thought it was about time we talked about some bloggy issues.

If you visit my blog at all (rather than just catching up in a Feed Reader), you’ve probably noticed a few changes over the past couple of months.

I’ve placed ads in my left-hand column and spruced up my header and navigation bar. Nothing too fancy, but I like the look. Of the header and nav bar, that is. I’m hoping you like it better than my short-lived experiment with a gingham background.

The ads are through the BlogHer network. After learning about it at the Blissdom Conference, I applied back in March and just got approved over the summer. Believe me when I tell you that I’m not rolling in the dough. My small earnings do, however, cover some of the cost of shipping for giveaways, purchased graphics and other blog-related expenses.

Speaking of money, though – because speaking of money is oh-so-fun, right? – let’s talk about affiliate links and product reviews.

First, the links. As an Amazon Associate, I can earn a small percentage – pennies – if you purchase items through the links I use to Amazon products. Based on the report I just got, my year’s worth of Amazon links might buy me lunch at Panera.

Second, product reviews. Specifically, I should say book reviews, since that’s all I’ve done. I participate in the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program and The Blog Tour Spot. That means I receive free books to review. Both programs want good reviews but do not in any way require it.

Maybe it goes without saying, but just in case it does not, I give you my word that I’ll never be dishonest with you. If something stinks, more than likely I just won’t talk about it. But if I say I liked something – or, even better, loved it – then you can rest assured that I truly do like it.

And now, on another, more comfortable bloggy topic: I would love to talk to you. And the best way to make that happen? Leave your e-mail address with your comment. That way I can e-mail you back! Hillary and Colleen have great posts on exactly how to do this. Check it out.

Okay, I think that’s all, folks. Other than – oh yeah – make sure you come back tomorrow for some news about a special Halloween feature coming up.

Now – it’s your turn. Do you have any bloggy questions for me? How do you feel about product reviews, affiliate links, blog ads and all that? Hit me with it.

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