Two of the blogs I read – This Mom’s Wired and Dinkypops No More – have made Thursdays their official day for listing random thoughts from the week.

I say if it’s good enough for Sarah and Brooke, then it’s good enough for me.


  • Over the three-day weekend, we took a little road trip to visit friends from college who we hadn’t seen in a few years. It was so much fun catching up and just hanging out. Not so much fun? The four-hour drive with our kiddo. And so we learned that given the choice between a whining toddler and listening to “Five Little Monkeys” over and over and over, these two parents will choose the monkeys.
  • Something about having four new friends to play with this weekend gave Annalyn the nudge she needed to let go and walk on her own all weekend. She even stood up in the middle of the room – something she’s been trying but unable to accomplish for several weeks now. Yay!!!
  • It’s really cute when Annalyn adds a “y” to random words. In particular, I couldn’t help but laugh when she sobbed about wanting to go “homey” when we put her to bed in a strange (to her) crib Sunday night. She also occasionally says “uppy” when she wants to get up on my lap and “trashy” when she decides any piece of paper belongs in the garbage.
  • Some friends really are friends forever (yes, I really am channeling Michael W. Smith right now). We hadn’t seen our friends in a long time, but it really only took a few minutes to pick up where we left off. And we didn’t even have to spend all our time together reminiscing. (You know how it is with some old friends: all you have to talk about is the good ol’ times, right?) Not us. We talked friends and church and jobs and parenting and politics and swine flu and pregnancy and movies, and even though Annalyn wasn’t the only one ready to sleep in her own bed, we could have spent another two or 10 days hanging out.
  • On Sunday night, I finally watched The Matrix – a mere 10 years after it was released. Mark watched it for the first time with our friends, and I still remember the night they all went to see the second one in the theater and returned slightly stunned from an unexpectedly graphic scene. As we sat on the couch, watching this movie that they’d all scene numerous times, I couldn’t believe I’d missed it! This is definitely an example of a classic (or at least, very popular) movie that I somehow hadn’t seen. At least I don’t have to put it on my list with Goonies.
  • On our way home on Monday, I had the best lunch EVER. Maybe not ever, but seriously, it was good. I wish I had a picture to share, but sadly, I could only manage carrying my purse and the diaper bag into the restaurant. So just take my word for it – that buttery roll? The bacon-infused green beans? The ginormous chicken strips? Dee-lish.
  • And yes, I’ll be re-joining Weight Watchers tomorrow.


Have you caught up with any old friends lately?

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