Where does the weekend go?

Last Thursday was what the kids call a no good, awful, terrible, very bad day. Or however that goes. And so Friday found me in a bad mood, too.

Funny how starting your day with a crying hangover can do that to a person.

So despite signing up for Weight Watchers over my lunch break, I was all for some comfort food when Smitty came over for dinner that night.

I have to say we didn’t do as much damage as we may have possibly done in the past. But I’m not saying it was pretty, either.

I’m not sure if it was the Chinese food (mmmm…crab rangoon…mmmm), the chocolate chip cookies or the company – I’m KIDDING. Of course it was the company. And the crab rangoon. – but Friday evening was just what I needed.

And Saturday didn’t hurt, either. While Mark and Annalyn went to my parents’ house to help fix siding and play (guess who got to do what), I spent the day scrapbooking with some friends.

There’s something about those friends – I just love them. Maybe it’s because they read my blog. (Except Kris. Everyone say hello to Kris, who I believe is joining us today.) Or maybe it’s just because they get me. They’re my type of people. I might even be tempted to call them my peeps.

Tempted, I said. Let’s not go crazy.

As usual, we talked about everything under the sun, from husbands to kids to jobs to the scrapbooks we were working on to movies to TV. You know – the important stuff.

Actually, my favorite line of the whole day came from a discussion about the ever-important television and, in particular, my favorite new show, Glee. (By the way, you can see my review of Glee’s first episode at Blissfully Domestic.)

Heather and I were discussing how part of what makes us love the show is our background in high school choirs. And Melanie said: “Wait, what? You mean your school had a singing and dancing group??”

Oh, I laughed. Of course, with those girls, I laughed all day anyway. We had a good time.

Sunday morning brought a bad back for Mark (as you may have guessed, he was at my parents to work, not to play), choir – and spending time with my choir friends – for me, and a fine display of bipolar emotions from Annalyn.

How that girl can go from crying her head off like it’s the end of the world to the best, happiest, cutest mood I’ve ever seen is a mystery.

Because you know she does not get that from me.

(Perhaps I should take this moment to tell you my second favorite line from Saturday. Heather said – and I’m not even sure what brought this on – “Mary, you do have a flair for the dramatic.”)

Who – me?

Anyway. Annalyn also practically licked a bowl of ice cream that she shared with her father and completely peed through the bloomers she wore under her dress. I bought some store brand salsa at Price Chopper that was a huge hit at tonight’s no-study Bible study. Mark helped a friend fix his lawn mower, and now he’s gone to pick up our pizza (for tomorrow I start counting points. For real.).

All in all, a good couple of days. So where did your weekend go?

(And super smart extra credit bonus points to anyone who can tell me what hilarious movie the title of this post is from.)

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