Last week, Kelly planned to hold a carnival focusing on your go-to meal. What meal do you fall back on in a pinch, or what is the easiest or favorite or best meal you make?

She ended up postponing the carnival for this week (it’s part of her series, Show Us Your Life, and anyone can join), but it got me thinking.

Not a lot of thinking. I mean, it’s not like I sat down with my cookbooks and recipe binder, my monthly meal plan and permanent grocery list. No, that would not have been me. (That would require I have an organized binder, meal plan or grocery list. Ha!) But I did think for a minute – What is my go-to meal?

I decided that my cheesy chicken recipe worked well for this category. After all, I do make it a lot (although not lately . . . hmmm . . . perhaps I’ll make this tonight!), and it’s pretty easy and typically a crowd-pleaser.

But then last Thursday, as I wracked my brain to figure out what I could make for my dad (who was coming over for dinner and to watch Annalyn), I realized that my go-to meal is even simpler than cheesy chicken.

And its name is pizza.

I make homemade pizza at least every two weeks and sometimes, more often. It’s just so easy! And tasty. And flexible. Here’s how I do it:

1 can pizza dough (or homemade crust)
1 lb. ground beef
1 cup (or so?) spaghetti sauce
2-3 cups shredded mozzarella

I’m serious. That’s it. Now, you can add anything you want. I usually add some green peppers and onion. (I sauté the onion with the ground beef as it’s browning, but I drop the peppers on top without cooking first.) I also add shredded Parmesan to the mozzarella, if I happen to have it on hand.

Sometimes I get really crazy and mix it up, using chicken instead of beef (make sure you cook it first). Then I add red onion and sliced mushrooms (from a can, because I’m ambitious like that). And before you start thinking I’m some sort of gourmet cook here, I should tell you that the chicken combo was Smitty’s idea and influence.

Now, one more thing before I end this post that has certainly been all kinds of helpful: read the directions on your pizza dough carefully.

I typically buy the generic brand pizza dough, which does not require you to cook it before adding sauce and toppings. It’s press into the pan, top with toppings (sauce, meat, veggies, cheese – that’s my order or choice), pop in the oven, cook and eat.

But as I found one Friday night when Smitty and I made my go-to meal, other brands require you to bake the dough first. I know that, because Smitty said so and I disagreed, then we checked the directions on the can. Pillsbury had been on sale that week, and I was wrong that night.

I don’t like being wrong. But look – look how it helped me help you. Now you’ll never go astray when making easy-peasy pizza!

And when I say “easy-peasy,” don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting you add peas to this pizza. But here’s the beauty of it: you can if you want to!

It would just be gross. That’s all I’m saying.

So, that’s my go-to meal of choice. What’s yours?

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