After I picked Annalyn up on Friday afternoon, we drove to the library to pick up a few things I’d reserved. My stack was pretty varied: season one of Veronica Mars, two mysteries and a book about disciplining your child.

I’d like to say that the discipline book was apropos of nothing (not because I like that song, because I actually can’t stand it, but for some reason that phrase has been running through my head all weekend). But in fact, it was quite appropriate. Because as soon as I set Annalyn down on the floor, she started toddling away from me.

This may be what they meant when they said, “Oh, just wait. You don’t want her to start walking!”

Anyway. Despite the short conversation we’d had in the car about how I wanted her to behave nicely and stay with Mommy and do you understand and yes, Mommy, the little darling wouldn’t stop wandering off.

No problem. I grabbed my books and then grabbed her.

Of course, that’s when she started shrieking and hollering. In the library. Did I mention that we were in the library?

I really wanted to hold that book about discipline in front of her face as we did the Toddler Walk of Shame out the door.

The situation was defused quickly, though. And we headed home.

On Saturday afternoon, we pretty much did it all over again. In the Carter’s outlet store this time, shopping for the very child who threw a fit, yelling, “Help! Help me!” for all to hear.

Nope. I’m not kidding.

What? Did you think I’d read the discipline book before watching season one of Veronica Mars?

The rest of the weekend, I must say, was great. Annalyn was super sweet on Sunday, while Mark watched the Chiefs lose with a friend from work. Then we met up at a family barbecue, enjoyed some hot dogs while Annalyn mooched watermelon from my dad, her Papa. (We call him Grandpa every time, but she’s only agreed to call him Papa instead of Bompa. We’re working on it.)

How was your weekend?

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