Fifteen years ago today (or yesterday by the time most of you read this), I went on my first date. And it just happened to be with my husband.

Thankfully, my mother was handy with the camera that night. For posterity. And the torture of teenage girls.

Despite the look of great annoyance on my face, I had a good time on that first date. Mark took me to dinner and our school’s Homecoming dance. He talked constantly and then later told me that he was afraid I was too quiet. (If only he’d known…!) We danced together twice – to Seal’s Kissed by a Rose and an embarrassing Boyz II Men song that was popular at the time.

After the dance, we went to my friend Jammie’s house to hang out with several of my friends. If I remember correctly, we were the only ones who had actually gone to the dance, so I stood out in my skirt and – I know – pantyhose. (It didn’t help that Mark’s version of dance-appropriate attire was jeans and a button-up. Don’t even get my mom started on how annoyed she was that we spent hours – HOURS! – shopping for a perfect outfit, and he showed up in jeans.) Luckily my friend had some sweats and a t-shirt I could change into. So fashionable, I was.

We played pool and ate junk food and hung out. I’m not sure what “hanging out” really entailed. Mostly just feeling awkward having my first date guy there with all my friends, including one guy who insisted on making fun of me the entire night. (Thank you, high school guy friend who surely doesn’t remember this night like I do. You made an awkward evening even more awkward.)

After the dinner, the dance and the party, Mark drove me home. After all, my 6-foot-tall mother had made sure to intimidate him into a concrete commitment to my midnight curfew.

He pulled into my driveway. I think I said something about having a nice time or thank you for dinner or something. I distinctly remember gripping the door handle. And then, woof!

All of a sudden, his face was in my face. Yes, he kissed me. On the first date. Apparently, I’m that kind of girl. (But only with Mark!)

So, there it is. My first date story. Nothing terribly exciting, but it’s mine. Now I want to hear yours. Tell us about your first date in the comments – or link up a post on your blog below!

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