The good news: I don’t have the flu.

The bad news: That’s the only thing my neighborhood drugstore clinic is treating for.

More bad news: I waited an hour and a half to find that out.

The good news: It’s Friday.

Last night, my choir director mentioned an incident that occurred when he was a waiter at Chili’s. It involved veggies, a lap and a very angry lady.

That reminded me of my time as a waitress – three of the longest months of my life! I was not a good waitress, and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Honestly, I don’t remember a whole lot about that job, but I do remember one night in particular.

The night I dumped a whole tray of drinks, splashing a huge (HUGE!) glass of tea onto a man’s lap. He was kind and gracious and forgiving, but still. Embarrassing!!!

Cheer me up today. Tell me a horror story from one of your early jobs. (Or recent jobs, if that provides better material!)

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