I don’t like watching the news. I do realize that, as a public relations professional, I should be interested in the news. And I am. When it involves my company or our industry.

But the local news? Not my favorite.

However, I didn’t turn the TV off fast enough when Castle was over, and I caught the first story on the nightly news.

Apparently, a Pizza Hut delivery man was carjacked and kidnapped Monday night.

What? Have you ever wanted pizza that bad? I mean, wow. I love pizza. And I’m sure I’ve craved it at times. But those are some pretty extreme measures. (Yes, I realize it’s possible that there’s more to this story than the delivery of a large one-topping. But just go with it, will you?)

Thanks to this brave delivery man and the fact that his story was the most newsworthy thing going on tonight, I now have a blog topic. That’s right. Here are my top ten favorite pizzas.

  • Pizza Hut pepperoni stuffed crust (I know. Okay? I know.)
  • Pizza Hut hamburger hand-tossed crust (Boring? Maybe. Or delicious? Oh, yeahhhh.)
  • Papa John’s supreme when eaten with our friends, Zac and Mandy
  • Totino’s Combination Party Pizza (This one’s a throwback to college…when have I even eaten one of these? I mean, half of one. Nope. One.)
  • Jack’s frozen pepperoni pizza (with extra mozzarella, just to up the health factor)
  • Homemade pizza, with hamburger, onion and green pepper
  • Minsky’s combo pizza without sausage
  • Godfather’s humble pie, substitute beef for sausage (What can I say, we don’t do sausage!)
  • Shakespeare’s pizza with beef, pepperoni, onion, green pepper and mushroom
  • Waldo Pizza – everything I’ve ever eaten there.

N0w I’d like to know: What’s your favorite pizza?

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