I’m sure you’d never guess that this innocent little girl could make a sailor blush. If you guessed that she doesn’t do it on purpose, you’d be right. But the words that accidentally pop out of her toddler mouth? Well, they definitely make her mama blush!

What kind of crazy things does Annalyn say? Oh, let me tell you.

  • Remember britches – said without an “r”?
  • And then there’s truck and frog – which both somehow end up starting with “f” and rhyming with duck.
  • Oh yes, don’t forget purse, which is a bag carried over the shoulder, not a bodily function like it sounds.
  • The first naughty-but-not word she said was fridge. And so adamantly, shoving her sippy cup of milk toward me, strongly suggesting I put it in the refrigerator. Which would be fine (minus the requisite “please”), except that somehow fridge sounded very similar to britches without an “r.”
  • And last but most certainly not least is Annalyn’s latest word: chilly. And in case you’re not fluent in toddler distortion of clean language, imagine Annalyn saying it over and over at the grocery store, making the innocent word rhyme with itty bitty.

Yep. My sweet little girl has quite a mouth. Crazy, right?

My friend Hillary is having a parade of crazy over at her blog, The Other Mama, today. If you’d like to share something crazy – old outfits, things that you found in your car, advice you’ve tried or meals you’ve cooked with strange ingredients found in the back of your pantry – link on up! Or, just head over there to read a little bit of crazy. Who doesn’t need some of that on a Wednesday?

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