I was real ambitious with my TV-watching schedule. But in reality, life often gets in the way of the best couch potato intentions.

Which is why a small part of me is happy when a show doesn’t live up to my expectations and can move from the must-see column to the watch-it-online-when-I-get-around-to-it column.

NCIS: Los Angeles is definitely on its way to that column. And much as I am loving Community and Modern Family, I can watch their 22 minutes anytime. No need to stick to a spreadsheet or schedule.

I thought I was going to add Grey’s Anatomy to this list. I really thought I could quit Grey’s this time. I watched half of the deliciously ridiculously emotional season premier and then skipped the next week’s ep. But I found myself home during the show last week, and I got sucked back in.

I blame Cristina Yang.

Callie’s speech to the Chief in the season opener was a little over the top, but enjoyable. “When people want the best, they page me. I’ve basically been running Dr. Chang’s department all year. This is cr–. You’re gonna regret this. No! I am excellent. And any other hospital would be thrilled to have me. I’m a superstar!”

I liked that. Yes, the superstar may have been a little bit much. But still – haven’t you wanted to make that speech to someone, sometime?

Still. I could have resisted even after that scene. But then I went and watched episode four. You might think that the touching scenes between Meredith and Lexie/Lexie and Thatcher/Thatcher and Meredith are what drew me in.

But, no. It was Cristina’s speech to the Chief. (The Chief’s having a rough fall, huh?) After being shoved aside, ignored and assigned to grunt work all day (week? month? episode?), she’d had enough. And she let the Chief know.

I have good hands. They’re fast, they’re dexterous, they were made to throw ties and do complex procedures. These hands were made for surgery. Today they should’ve been deep inside a heart saving a life. Instead they removed a tick and pumped a p*n*s.

My point? You know what? You should cut me. From the program. You have to make more cuts, and I should go. ‘Cause if you can’t give me a brilliant cardiothoracic attending who’s willing to teach me, then I can’t get what I need from this hospital.

Everyone is scared of losing their job, and so am I. But if I can’t learn, if I can’t use my gift, then I guess that scares me more.

That’s my point, sir.

I’m no surgeon. Actually, I have to watch Grey’s (and Bones and NCIS and the spy movies I love so much) through my hands, covering up the icky parts of the screen. But I can certainly identify with Cristina. If I can’t learn, if I can’t use my gift, then I guess that scares me more. Yes, ma’am.

And that is why I can’t quit Grey’s Anatomy.

Have you been disappointed or pleasantly surprised by any TV shows this fall?

This post will be linked to Things I Love Thursday. Sadly, this isn’t even the first time I’ve linked a TV post to that carnival. *sigh*

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