See, here’s the thing. The only catchy “winner” phrase I could come up with was, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” And I hate that phrase.

So, instead, the Oscar and the Giving Up on a Perfect Thanksgiving prize goes to … [envelope, please – or results, as the case may be] … Commenter #11, which was Mandi at It’s Come to This!

Congratulations, Mandi! Please e-mail me your address, so I can get your fun stuff in the mail! And a big thank you to everyone who joined me for Giving Up on a Perfect Thanksgiving. If I haven’t gotten to your comment or post yet, hang tight. I will! (I was out of commission for most the weekend but am back now!)

Also – stayed tuned for Giving Up on a Perfect Christmas, which will take place on December 18. Also known as my birthday, in case you need to know that!


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