I love banana bread. Last weekend, I had some past-their-prime bananas. And so I decided to make some banana bread.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it?

Apparently not. Now, I don’t know how you cook, but when I mix something in a bowl, I start with the wet ingredients. It’s how my mom does it, and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to cooking things from scratch (and, you know, mixing things in a bowl).

According to Smitty, this is backwards. Feel free to weigh in on this debate in the comments. But I hope you agree with me. And, oh yeah, this is completely not the point of today’s post.

Today’s post is to tell you the sad tale of my banana bread. See, I mixed up all the wet ingredients, taking great care to measure everything exactly. I was even using the occasion as a teaching moment with Annalyn, pulling up a chair for her to watch and introducing her to the Wide World of Fractions.

(What? You think 2 is too young for that?)

My moment of parenting and baking brilliance came to a halt, however, when I opened the flour canister and realized: We had no flour.

I don’t bake very often. There. I said it.

No problem. I was in a domestic zone. I just covered the bowl and sent Mark to the store. He got the flour, I dumped it in, and the bread was off to the oven.

Oh, it smelled so good. And I felt so smug, so proud of myself. And then I took it out of the oven.

And it was terrible.

Please, Blog World, tell me: How do you make banana bread?

Speaking of bad bananas, @badbanana is one funny Twitterer. I’m not quite as witty, but since we’re talking Twitter, you can follow me @givingupperfect. (And if you don’t do the Twitter thing but want to, check out Allison Worthington’s Smart Girls’ Guide to Twitter.)

Enough of that. Tell me how to make better banana bread! (And say that three times fast!)

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