Four days to spend with family.
Four days that Mark didn’t have to go to work.
Four days that I didn’t have to go to work.
Four days to play with my baby.
Four days to eat ridiculous amounts of delicious food.
Four days to make lists, scan flyers, map out stores and hit sales.
Four days to spend half our Christmas budget.
Four days to get coughed and sneezed on.
Four days to catch a cold. (Annalyn, not me.)
Four days to fill up my purse with post-its, receipts, tissues and wrappers.
Four days to clean the house and mess it up again.
Four days to read one book and watch three movies.
Four days to laugh and cry and love and fight and plan and remember.
Four days to celebrate Thanksgiving.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

P.S. If you missed it yesterday, I was at (in)courage, talking about my list of hard questions. And in case you’re not quite ready to return to the real world just yet, don’t miss my favorite (fictional) Thanksgiving scenes.


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