I neglected my computer over the weekend, and it kind of felt good.

It turns out that when I turn off the computer, I have a lot more time for baking and laundry and stacking blocks and laundry and running errands and laundry.

Seriously – how do three people generate so much laundry?

We had a good weekend. I rented a movie on Friday night. Yes, that’s all I’m saying right now. Just stay tuned for that review. And then somehow, miraculously, Saturday brought a rush of motivation. Do not even ask me where it came from. I don’t question it; I just go with it as long as it lasts.

Mark had planned a poker night for Saturday night, so I made him beer bread and brownies. And I only ate a few of the Doritos I bought for him. “Daddy’s chips,” Annalyn said – over and over. Until I let her eat a handful out of the Cool Ranch bag. Then she didn’t seem to mind that I’d said they belonged to Daddy!

We tried to get flu shots in the afternoon, but that didn’t work out so well. Just like getting Annalyn’s two-year shots earlier in the week didn’t work out. Apparently it was just not our week for shots.

We got to the health department three minutes too late for her regular vaccinations, and all the angry tears and forced calm explanations in the world – I work full-time and this is the earliest I can get here, and oh yeah, our insurance doesn’t cover shots at the pediatrician – didn’t budget the receptionist. And the flu shots? We were looking at a three-hour wait – just minutes before naptime. That didn’t seem like a good idea.

So basically, we’re just crossing our fingers that we don’t get sick for now. I’ll let you know how that works out.

After I helped Mark clean the house (Hey! It was his poker night!), set up his snacks and put the kiddo in bed, I left the boys to their poker and drove to Smitty’s apartment.

Did I mention that in the midst of the cleaning and the laundry and the cooking and the not getting flu shots, we also had a rip-roaring fight? The kind that made my poor, scarred-for-life daughter say, “Mommy sad. Mommy sad.”

[Sigh. Yes, baby, Mommy’s sad. And now she’s even sadder because I’m fighting in front of you. Way to go, Parents of the Year.]

I think she’ll be okay. Mainly because we resolved things well before she woke up on Sunday. You know, because we’re just that mature and loving (ha!). And maybe because my long drive to Smitty’s – and a good time eating dinner and hanging out with my bestest friend – did me some good.

I think I should take a long drive every week. Or at least a couple times a month. Seriously. There’s just something about getting in the car, rolling down the window, cranking up the stereo and speeding (only five miles over, officer, I swear) down the highway. It just makes me happy. Especially on a Saturday night, when I can find fun music on the dial (or the button, as the case may be).

From Kanye West (sorry, Taylor) to Jason Aldean to Van Halen, I was jamming. As in, if there had been a secret camera and that footage was ever shown to anyone on the face of the earth, I would just lay down and die – that kind of jamming.

It was good.

On Sunday we had church and homemade pizza and naps and Bible study. (About marriage and communication – and no, the irony was not lost on us, coming the day after a good, solid fight.)

We didn’t make it to the park, the cats may or may not have peed on the kitchen rug, and Annalyn spent two hours in the middle of the night Sunday hollering and crying and generally keeping me awake.

But it was a good weekend. How was yours?

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