I live in the middle of the country, but my roots are Southern. Want proof? Listen to my daughter talk for any amount of time. I guarantee you’ll hear her say, “Thank you” at least three times. If not a hundred.

Because that child of mine? Is thankful.

She says thank you for her milk, thank you for her waffle, thank you for her Elmo, thank you for turning on her movie, thank you for changing her diaper, thank you for helping her up the stairs – you get the picture.

And while it is possible that she’s just hooked on this phrase (similar to how she has, on occasion, been hooked on the word, “poop”), I also think it does reflect our family’s attitude. Mark and I aren’t perfect by any means, but we do work really hard to appreciate each other. Even in the little things.

I chalk it up to those Southern roots.

Last year I posted daily in November, writing about something I’m thankful for. I’m so glad I did that, but woo-eee, it was hard. Never has November been so long! This year I’m going to stick to weekly thanksgiving posts. I’ll add a MckLinky, so you can link up your Thankful Thursday posts, too.

I’ve got to tell you: I’m cranky. I’ve been on the phone with Time Warner customer service for the last 90 minutes. And despite that hour and a half I cannot get back, a new modem and an exercise in extreme patience when the fifth (FIFTH!) customer service person I was transferred to asked for my phone number AGAIN and then had me reboot the router FOR THE THIRD TIME, my internet connection is still out of whack. I kind of want to yell at someone. So being appreciative of the little things is probably a good idea. Here goes . . .

  • Absolute best part of my day on Wednesday was getting my 2010 planner. I’m not just excited to see the blank pages full of possibility – although, I am. But this year’s planner came in a Trapper Keeper! Okay, not a Trapper. It does not have a velcro tab or neon colors, but it is a nice, leather portfolio with lots of pockets. It’s so soft and pretty, and I want to pet it, George. And, yes, I’m an office supply nerd. That’s been established, thank you very much.
  • We took Annalyn to get her pictures taken on Sunday. We hadn’t gone for professional photos in almost a year, because a) it’s so darned expensive and b) our last two experiences were terrible. So I was kind of dreading this, but it needed to be done. Grandparents were getting antsy. And though our photo session went straight into naptime – also known as dangerous territory! – I’m happy to report that thanks to an extremely patient photographer and a highly entertaining photographer’s assistant, we bought way too many super cute pictures! Seriously – who needs 64 wallets? It’s not like these were her senior pictures! Although . . .

Nice pose.

I realize those are two minor things to be thankful for today. But it’s what I’ve got for now. I’m sure I’ll think of 27 other things I’m way more thankful for as soon as I hit “publish.” Maybe I’ll write them down for next week.

What are you thankful for today?

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