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I have this aversion to plain, raw carrots. I chew and chew, but they never go away. Hey, you don’t have to tell me that’s gross. I live it. That’s how much I dislike carrots.

Add a little dip (and calories) or cook them with a roast (again with the calories), and they’re fine. But raw? And plain? No thanks.

Thankfully, our society is so overweight and diet-obsessed that I have lots of healthy eating options. And we talked about our favorite “diet” foods at my Weight Watchers meeting last week. It made me want to go shopping right away!

The meeting also reminded me of some of the tricks I’d forgotten to losing weight. Here are a few of the foods I rely on when I’m on program, as they call it at WW:

  • Apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal
  • Sugar-free hot chocolate
  • Fiber One (or Great Value) granola bars
  • Oroweat sandwich thins (These are new, and I highly recommend them!)
  • 98% fat-free Mission tortillas
  • 98% fat-free popcorn (I like kettle corn the best.)
  • Light or lowfat cheese or other milk products. (I do not do fat-free milk products. Ick.)
  • Reduced fat peanut butter
  • Apples, bananas, strawberries and grapes
  • Lots and lots of green beans

Edited to add: How could I have forgotten Laughing Cow cheese?! I love that stuff, especially with reduced fat Wheat Thins! Yum! Also, have you all discovered Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta yet? It comes in spaghetti, macaroni, penne and probably several other shapes, and looks, tastes and feels just like white pasta (because you will never convince me that the wheat stuff is good) – but it has extra fiber and other vitamins/minerals/good stuff. Check out Jill’s post and this funny video about it!

What healthy (or healthier) foods do you rely on to maintain a healthy diet?


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