On Monday night, I baked 10 dozen cookies. Well, if you subtract the ones I ate that broke and the fact that I didn’t make them as small as the package recipe called for, I probably baked 8-9 dozen. (Hey! Don’t judge. Most of that difference is from the cookie size!)

On Tuesday night, Smitty and I undertook the painful enjoyable process of covering pretzels in white chocolate and festive sprinkles. (And unfortunately, a few of those pretzels hardened too quickly to properly accept an even smattering of glittery red and green sugar. So I will be forced to eat them. Unfortunately.)

Today I’ll deliver plates of the goodies to a few people. And with that, my holiday baking is over! Sure, I’ll make lasagna and this deee-lish bread (I’m assuming. I haven’t made it before. But just look at it!) for Christmas dinner, and even though our New Year’s is turning out to be a small (read: tiny) affair, I’m sure I’ll make a few tasty snacks. But no more baking!

If you’d like to read about yet another shortcut I’ve taken in the kitchen over the holidays, head over to Once a Month Mom. I’m filling on today while Tricia is enjoying her sweet newborn’s first Christmas.

I know we’ve already talked about giving up on perfect holidays, but tell me today: What shortcuts are you taking in the kitchen over the next several days?


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