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The Couch Podcast :: TV Shows for Tweens with Amanda White (S2E11)

Have you ever wondered, “What TV shows would my tween like?” and what you really meant was, “What shows would my tween like that I wouldn’t hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns?” or maybe, “What shows can I let my tween watch that are interesting and clever but not obnoxious or focused on romance, that tell great stories and maybe offer some gentle lessons but don’t hit them over the head with it because nobody really likes that?” Well, then, have we got a show for you.

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The Ultimate List of TV Shows for Tweens

The pop culture-related question I am asked (and overhear or read) the most is, “What’s a good show for my tween to watch?” I can’t speak for every tween parent (or, certainly any tween ever). But I can tell you what shows my own daughters have loved. And I can give you the parameters and categories I’m using. Basically, what I’m saying is that this list includes the best TV shows for tweens, according to me.

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The Best Workplace Comedies You Can Stream

From cubicles to corner offices, people at work are just always doing something funny — or at least something laughable. Ridiculous or really annoying, the worst and weirdest parts of work can seem a little bit better when we take a minute to laugh at them. And, we all know that in real life work can be dull and life-sucking — so what better way to deal with the mundane or take a break from boring than to make fun of it? Enter the workplace comedy.

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The Couch Podcast :: Why We Love the Wizard of Oz with James Walters (S2E7)

Today’s guest is none other than my little brother, James! What? Yes, it’s true. The bad news is that we recorded together, in person, across my dining room table, with one microphone. Annnnnnd it shows. Awkward laughs abound and the sound quality isn’t great, but I hope you’ll just crank up the volume a bit and listen anyway. Because what could be more fun than listening to us go on and on about the Wizard of Oz and our love for it? Nothing. Nothing could.

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Does a Bad Ending Ruin a Great Season?

If you’re having trouble separating your feelings about a bad ending with your memories of a great season, you’re not alone. I’ve been there — both as a disgruntled TV fan and as a failed church planter, fundraiser, and friend. It’s hard to remember the good things that led up to a disappointment, a heartbreak, a really bad ending, or just an unwanted ending. But you can do it.

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The Couch Podcast :: Loving Long-Running Shows with Heather Parker (S2E6)

Last month was all about short-lived shows, and today we’re going in the opposite direction. Heather Parker joins me to talk about long-running TV shows. This episode was inspired by our shared love of NCIS, but don’t worry. If you aren’t as enamored with Leroy Jethro Gibbs and procedurals as we are, you won’t be bored by this episode. Because we don’t just talk NCIS; we also talk other long-running shows. Some of them were surprising. (Who knew Lassie ran for 19 seasons – or that Timmy never actually got stuck in a well?!) We also talk about why some shows last so long, and how they can become part of our lives after a while.

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