This month, Annalyn has come up with some of the cutest toddler-isms. From singing “Jingle Bees” (Jingle Bells) to insisting that Santa Claus’s sleigh is pulled by donkeys, she certainly has her own spin on the season.

On Saturday, we had plans to visit with friends who were in town. Since we hadn’t seen them in a year, we weren’t about to let a little thing like A FOOT OF SNOW get in our way.

As we pushed our SUV-wannabe car up the very steep hill to our friends’ parents’ house, skidding and sliding, I said to Annalyn, “We’re stuck on the snow!”

To which she replied, “Yeah. Stuck on the snowman.”

Somehow, that little phrase morphed in her little head until, later that day on the way to my brother-in-law’s house, Annalyn told Mark: “Snowman gonna get us.”

Mark said, “Oh yeah? What are you going to do if the snowman gets us?”

“Knock it down!”

She had it all figured out, I guess. Just like she figured out that the Fisher Price Laugh ‘N Learn Playhouse she got from Santa Claus is actually Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse!

Considering that, Santa found her Playhouse on Craig’s List and should such a thing as Mickey’s Clubhouse actually exist, I’m quite confident Santa couldn’t actually afford it, I’m not about to tell her she’s wrong.

Have your kids (or students or nieces and nephews or, well, you get the point) come up with any holiday-isms?


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