The other day my manager was talking about how her 4-year-old daughter only has a couple words that she mispronounces, and she’s sad to see those cute, funny words disappear.

As she said it, I thought to myself, “Well, I won’t ever know what that’s like, because Annalyn’s vocabulary skills are so advanced that she really doesn’t mispronounce most things. That girl can enunciate!”

I even believed what I was thinking.

Then I started listening for mispronunciations. I’m sure you’re not as surprised as I am that I noticed a few. Okay, a lot.

And they are Super Cute. Here are a few, used in sentences for your ease of understanding:

  • Lie-vray – “Where do we get Elmo videos, Annalyn?” “The lie-vray! Pincess moovie! Pink pincess movie!” (We’re temporarily over Elmo these days.)
  • PQ – “Where did Annalyn go?” “PQ!!” “Oh, peekaboo! There you are!”
  • broccoli – “Bockolee and panties! Mommy’s tummy! Hahaha!”
  • gunnel bar – “Do you want cheerios for breakfast?” “No! Want gunnel bahr!” (In other words, she wants Mommy’s Fiber One granola bar. The kind with chocolate chips. The ones Mommy rations and considers the perfect snack. Those.)
  • hamma – “Mommy want a hamma?” “A what?” “Hamma!” “Um, okay?” (It turns out she was saying “hamburger” and referring to the fake plastic steaks that came with her fake food set.)
  • fah-pah– “Daddy watch fah-pah.” Lots and lots of fah-pah. Good thing the Superbowl is almost here. You know, so we can move on to baseball. Or, um, base-bah?
  • eemo – “Send eemo. Send eemo to Kyle.” Annalyn calls my manager Kyle (which is not her name, but it’s close). And one morning I had to send her an e-mail from home. Ever since, Annalyn likes to pretend that she’s sending “Kyle” e-mails from her computer.
  • pooter – I almost forgot. “Computer” is actually “pooter.”
  • CDO – “Watch CDO, Mommy! See baby! Watch CDO!” No, no, she’s not referring to a strange and confusing Phil Collins song. She’s confusing the many forms of media we have in our house – CD plus DVD plus video plus uploaded video of herself on Youtube (what she was actually referring to) equals “CDO.”
  • Slinky bankie – “No! Don’t want slinky bankie in here!” Annalyn has a really soft pink blanket. And she has an unexplained love/hate relationship with it. Some nights, she can’t go to sleep without it. Other nights, she can’t go to sleep if it’s anywhere in sight. Most nights it’s folded up in the closet.

I have to admit, I’m glad she has all these cute little words. I’ve told her several times – although, clearly, not enough – to stop growing up and to Stay Little!

This post of ten words I realized (learned) Annalyn mispronounces in her super cute way will be linked to OhAmanda’s Top Ten Tuesday and Musings of a Housewife’s What I Learned This Week.


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