One of my favorite parts of Blissdom was meeting some of the people behind the handmade products sold by (in)courage.

Lindsey, Maggie and Lisa are beautiful women who create beautiful products. I love what they do, but more importantly, who they are. They just impress the heck out of me!

Check out what they do:

Lindsey is The Pleated Poppy. I mean, she’s not actually a flower herself. She’s actually a delightful, funny woman. But she makes the cutest little poppy pins, among many other crafty goods.

Lindsey gave me a cute teal poppy pin, but this isn’t it.
This photo is from her site.

Maggie is Gussy. And by that I mean, yes, she is Gussy. And Gussy makes lots of pretties with ruffles.

Gussy made a cute, ruffly laptop bag for all the (in)courage writers.
This is her photo.

And Lisa is, well, Lisa. Like the photos she shares on her blog, she is colorful, peaceful and lovely. And, oh yeah, she makes some jewelry.

Lisa made a BLISS necklace for every single person who went to Blissdom.
She’s amazing! (And this photo is mine.)

I’m thankful for the gifts these women gave me at Blissdom. But way more than any pretty present, I’m thankful for the chance to get to know these ladies. These artists. These friends.

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