Is this week half over already? I still haven’t recovered from my weekend!

Last Thursday, Annalyn flew to Nashville with my parents, and I flew to meet them on Friday. We were all there to support my brother, who accompanies a high school show choir that was competing in a national competition at the Grand Ole Opry.

Think Glee meets real life. Kind of.

(If you add miles of walking in work shoes, because you didn’t bring tennis shoes; hauling a 2-year-old in the 80th percentile for weight on about half those miles; missing most the choir performances due to a cranky little girl; and sleeping with said girl, who happened to believe the full-size bed was all hers. I’m just saying.)

Reportedly, Annalyn was awesome on the flight down. And I won’t make you wait to find out: she was pretty good on the flight back, too. She was definitely a squirmy, tired toddler. But, thanks to several (yes, several) bags of berry Yogos, three laps to climb over and a mommy who can recite her favorite books from heart, we had no 45-minute screaming fits. So I call that a success.

And the weather in Nashville? It was beautiful. The whole Opryland complex was covered in blooming flowers like this:

Unfortunately, Annalyn’s cold – and the chaos of travel and the constraints of a quiet, dark auditorium – brought us some of this, too:

On the bright side, though, my brother’s choir was AWESOME. And they got Best Combo of the whole competition. That means “best band,” which is his part. So, you know, we were a little proud.

I know we’re mid-week now . . . but how was YOUR weekend?


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