Why is it so hard to find good [not annoying] kids’ music?

I’ve mentioned before that Annalyn is sometimes less than awesome when it comes to car rides. Right? Thankfully, I’ve found that making a big deal about playing “her music” while we’re driving makes a difference.


And that means I get the opportunity to listen to kids music – or, even better, kids singing kids music – a LOT.

So when I heard about The Rizers, I was pretty excited. Fun music and Scripture memorization? Yes, please!

The Rizers are a cartoon (ahem, animated) band that sings scripture verses in upbeat, kid-friendly songs. Their mission is to instill in kids a love for Jesus Christ and his Word through scripture memorization and worship.

Never mind my 2-year-old; I need this myself! (KIDDING. We can listen TOGETHER. In the car. All the time. Over and OVER.)

That’s just it, though. You can listen to it over and over. Your kids will love the cute characters, and you can connect with the band on Facebook. (There’s really something for everyone with this group, isn’t there?!)

 You can buy their album, Meet The Rizers, on Amazon, as well as iTunes.

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Have you heard of The Rizers? What’s your favorite (I mean, your kids’ favorite – no, I mean your favorite!) kids’ music?

Disclosure: I received a preview of The Rizer’s album from their publicity firm.


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