A couple weeks ago, my office had what’s called a “birthday food day.” In other words, it’s the one day each month that we’re assigned to bring snacky or dessert-y foods, so we can graze all day and pretend that eating crackers and cookies and the occasional grape is the best way any of us can celebrate our co-workers’ birthday month.

For the third (fourth, fifth? I may have lost count.) month in a row, I forgot to bring food.

As I was filling up my water cup in the kitchen that day, looking longingly at the dips and chips and carrots that I didn’t have a right to munch on, I told a co-worker, “I wish I could get it together.”

Later that afternoon, I got an e-mail from Warner Brothers, asking me to review Point of Grace’s latest CD, No Changin’ Us, and their cookbook, Cooking with Grace. The e-mail included a link to a song on their album called, “Love and Laundry.”

I plugged in my earphones and clicked on the link.

With phrases like, “I thought that I could do it all/Turns out I was crazy,” and “I keep praying that I can get everything done,” and the kicker, “It might take a miracle to get myself together,” I immediately fell in love.

And cried. Maybe. Just a little. (I mean, come on! If the ladies of Point of Grace can’t get it together, then there’s no hope for me!)

Seriously, I really enjoyed this song and some of the others on No Changin’ Us. “Love & Laundry” has a country pop sound to it, and I like that sort of thing.

Even more than their CD, though, I LOVE Point of Grace’s cookbook, Cooking with Grace. The chapters are divided up into types of food, like a normal cookbook, but they’re titled in a conversational tone that I adore.

“So, not all SALADS are blah.”
“So, SOUP’s on!”
“So, we’re not vegetarians, y’all! MEAT.”

The recipes are for regular food – with simple instructions and less than a dozen ingredients. And almost as good, they include fun stories and photos from the Point of Grace ladies.

And did I mention Amy Grant’s pot roast? Yeah . . .

Even though I like posting my mediocre recipes and linking up to cooking carnivals, I’m not exactly a chef. I enjoyed Julie & Julia, but it’s not like I have a library of cookbooks on my shelves.

But when I got my copy of Cooking with Grace? I literally read it cover to cover. And then made dinner, of course. (Hey, you try reading a cookbook and not getting hungry!)

As you may have guessed, I’m giving away Point of Grace’s CD and cookbook today. Same rules as yesterday (and don’t forget to enter that giveaway, if you haven’t already):

Leave a comment, telling me about your favorite cookbook or CD. For additional chances to win, become a Facebook fan of Point of Grace or Giving Up on Perfect (or both!) – and tell me in a separate comment.

I’ll use Random.org to draw a winner of all this week’s giveaways after midnight (CST) on Friday.


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