Have “mash-ups” always been a thing? Or is that a recent development in the world of pop music, YouTube videos and Glee?

Anyway, I know there’s not much lamer (more lame?) than a post full of random bits of nothing important. Unless it’s publishing a boring post that you don’t like just to post something – and then deciding to delete the post after all.

I know, I know. Blog foul. I’m sorry. I’ll try not to prematurely post – or badly post – again. But, since I already hit that low this week, we might as well just dive headfirst into this random list of stuff. (Also known as a mish-mash.)

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The strangest thing happened last week. After throwing my salsa party and then eating the leftovers for four days straight, I actually became – get this – tired of Mexican food. Can you believe it? I never thought I’d live to see that day.

Mainly because I was sure that if the day arrived that I didn’t want to eat Mexican, I was surely dead. Probably as a result of a queso incident.

But it’s true. Mark offered to take me out for Mexican food for Mother’s Day – and I said, “No thanks.”


Speaking of too much spicy food (Well? Weren’t we?), I have a couple of stories that I am dying to tell you about the potty training that’s been going on in our house lately. But, I’m restraining myself. Literally.

Okay, not literally. Because first, that would be weird. And second, I wouldn’t be able to type. And while I don’t think you need the details – hilarious or not – of Annalyn’s transition from diapers to underwear, I am just sure you’ve been wondering about the whole process.

No? Huh. So . . . you mean your world doesn’t revolve around who went pee when and if they got their Skittle?

Oh, all right. Fine. I’ll just tell you this: a) Potty training has not been nearly as difficult as I feared, b) After four weeks, Annalyn is doing GREAT and she hasn’t had a real accident in several days, c) Despite the lovely princess potty chart I made and shiny gold star stickers my mom gave us, Annalyn has responded much better to candy. As her bribe. Because yes, I’m a briber. And last but not least, d) It turns out sopping wet Pull-Ups smell just as bad in the trash can as dirty diapers.

I think I might write a post later about what I learned throughout this whole adventure. But not until we make it through the night-time training. And that is a monster I am not ready to tackle yet!

[Although, it IS a monster we’ll be tackling anyway. Probably in about a week. And I can’t wait. Really.]

Speaking of getting up in the night with your child (No, you cannot convince me that night-time potty training won’t involve a lot of that. You just can’t.), my friend Daphne just had a baby. A second baby. Her son is three months older than Annalyn. And she just had another baby.

I know. I know, okay? I realize that many people have their babies close together, some even on purpose – and they survive. But I just don’t know how. Honestly. I cannot imagine having another child right now.

[Friends and family who have lots of littles running around, please keep your eye rolling and comments to yourselves. Because. I know.]

But Daphne now has another child. And . . . I have to admit . . . Annalyn and I both thought he was adorable!

We visited them in the hospital on Tuesday, and the whole way there, Annalyn chattered about her balloon (which is valid, as I’d gotten her a pink balloon to make sure she didn’t hijack the blue balloons for the baby) and her baby (which is not valid, but I could not for the life of me convince her that the baby we were visiting was not, in fact, hers).

Thankfully, our visit was a short one, so I don’t think the baby-is-so-cute-must-have-one-now vibes stuck with me.

And now, I think that’s enough random for one day. Stay tuned for an update on Mark’s new work schedule, summer trips I have planned, the sadness I feel about my friend who is moving across the country, and a near bee attack.

What random thoughts are filling up your head today?


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