It hit me on Monday night. The regular TV season is over.

Many tears were cried. Teeth were gnashed. Hulu was searched.

I’m kidding, of course. Hulu was searched (and a re-watching of Veronica Mars was considered), but I certainly didn’t cry over the lack of TV to waste my time. I was actually a little bit excited to turn off the TV and be able to focus on something without one eye remaining fixed to the tube.

But my new-found dedication to spending my evenings cleaning house and organizing drawers won’t last for long. Partly because those things are boring, of course, but also because just as the spring season of television comes to a close, the summer season comes calling.

“Hello! Remember me? I’m So You Think You Can Dance [Dance, Dance]! Your old pal from summers past? Yeah, that’s the one. I’ll be on twice a week now!”

Oh yes, that’s right. Summer TV! While we just said goodbye (or, for most of my favorites, goodbye for now) to our regular programming, there’s still much good viewing to be had.

And the best part – for me – about the summer shows is that the ones I watch, Mark enjoys, too. (Minus SYTYCD, despite my many efforts to point out the sport of dancing and the athleticism of the dancers.) And that means, I tape them and we watch them over the weekend, still leaving my weeknights blessedly free to fold laundry and balance the checkbook.

Before I dive in [ha! As if writing 250 words before getting to my point is diving in!] to what I’m watching this summer, I thought I’d take a quick moment to say a formal farewell to the shows I’ll no longer be watching this fall.

  • Better Off Ted – Sadly, this smart and funny show was canceled. ABC did not know a good thing (read: Office Space meets Arrested Development funny) when it had one. (Don’t talk to me about Lost. I’m in the mood for sweeping generalizations right now.)
  • Ugly Betty – As I mentioned before, this show finished up its season and series in style. And while I didn’t watch it regularly for long, I had a great time when I did watch.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You – What? You didn’t see the urgent news bulletin canceling this ABC Family show? It was silly, but for some reason (please don’t offer explanations), I liked it.
  • NCIS:LA – Blech. I just didn’t love this, Chris O’Donnell or no Chris O’Donnell.
  • Life Unexpected – I started off really liking this show, but my love didn’t last long. I wish it would have been canceled, but really, for me, it might as well have. I won’t be watching anymore.

Now, on to the summer shows!

  • So You Think You Can Dance (5/27) – This is probably going to shock you, but I haven’t watched SYTYCD yet. They’ve been in the audition stage, and honestly, the season snuck up on me. Although, given the proliferation of commercials on Fox, I can’t really blame my lack of viewing on that, can I? No, I think – unfortunately – that I’m still a little burned out by the unfortunate fall season. I’m sure I’ll rally by the time they pick the top 10, though.
  • Burn Notice (6/3) – Mark was literally counting down the days until this show came back on – for six weeks! Michael Westen will never replace Chuck Bartowski as my favorite spy. For one thing, I can’t imagine choosing sticky hot (and half naked) Miami over sunny, mild (and pocket protector wearing) southern California. But despite my penchant for nerds (and a dry heat), Burn Notice is still a darned good spy show.
  • Royal Pains (6/3) – Okay, this is my least favorite of the USA shows I watch. But it comes on after Burn Notice this year, and it’s funny and fluffy enough that I enjoy watching when I have time – but don’t worry if I miss it.
  • White Collar (7/13) – I love this show. Mark lost interest pretty fast, but he’ll still watch it with me. Could it be that he’s not quite as enamored with Matthew Bomer’s blue eyes as I am?
  • Covert Affairs (7/13) – Apparently the USA Network could just sense an emptiness in my life, as I longed for yet another TV show about spies. Or they noticed that I – and, it seems, much of America – will watch just about anything about spies. Either way, this new show looks good. Also, I wish they’d make another Bourne movie.
  • Psych (7/21) – Shawn and Gus can’t return soon enough for me. I love this show, and it cracks me up every single week. I don’t know what’s funnier – the commercials and out-takes or the actual show!
  • My Boys (7/25) – What? I thought they canceled this show! Seriously, I did. And, actually, I think they have. I’m pretty sure whatever episodes they air this summer will be the end of my friends in Chicago. I’m a little bit sad about that, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive. Though I loved the characters and their dialogue, the last season (whenever that was?) lost my interest a bit. I’m hoping this final chapter wraps everything up nicely for the four of us still watching.

What are you watching this summer?


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