I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the stage, but how pretty was the sky behind it?!

One of my goals for this year was to have a monthly date with Mark. It has happened more months than last year, but I can’t say we’ve got a perfect record. For August, I thought I’d go all out and buy concert tickets.

I did. Bought them. Spent a pretty penny on them. And then Mark couldn’t get off work.

Good planning, right? It wasn’t Mark’s fault, but that didn’t stop me from being crazy irritated about the whole thing. Thankfully, my brother and sister-in-law were still able to go with me. And, at the last minute, I sold Mark’s ticket to a 16-year-old girl who totally scammed the ticket scalper trying to charge twice the measly $20 I asked.

Though my legs were sore two days later from standing and tapping my feet for hours, seeing Kris Allen and Keith Urban on Friday night – even without my husband – was SO MUCH FUN!

I’m not a huge fan of Keith Urban, but I do like a lot of his songs. And he is amazingly talented. Also, there IS the whole thing about a guy with a guitar. You know what I mean, right?

Kris Allen, though not nearly as showy or outgoing as Keith Urban, was AWESOME. I loved him on American Idol, and I wish he would have performed longer. I totally got music chills more than once when he was on – and when Keith Urban brought him back on stage to sing The Boys of Summer together, I was probably more excited than I should have been.

[But let it be known: I will never be happy to have a sweat-soaked towel thrown in my direction, nor do I need to risk trampling and death by bodyguard to touch the hem of a rock star’s robe shirt. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, weird Keith Urban fans.]

Our seats were really far from the stage, I spent the five hours prior to the concert literally dripping with sweat (thank you, Iowa humidity), and – have I mentioned? – Mark wasn’t there. But still. The concert was FANTASTIC. It was definitely the biggest concert I’ve ever been to (in terms of people attending and in the performers), and both guys – and their bands – were brilliant. Super talented and entertaining.

And maybe just a little cute.

Because I can’t do anywhere or do anything without writing a blog post in my head, the second the concert was over I started thinking of the other concerts I’ve been to – and wondering if I could come up with a top ten. Turns out, I could.

  1. Newsboys: My first concert ever, in my freshman year of college. I remember a road trip, a virtually empty auditorium, a lot of fun music that I didn’t know (at the time), and losing my car. Needless to say, it was a good time!
  2. Hot Apple Pie / Shannon Brown: This was at a 4th of July festival, and we went because Sandi liked the band. I think I’d maybe heard one of their songs, but it turned out to be a great concert. We had so much fun and ended up jostling our way from the bleachers to the front rows. I still don’t know their music, but I sure liked it that night.
  3. Big & Rich: One Friday night, I was driving home from work and heard the DJ mention the Music Mafia. Big & Rich – and a few of their friends – were randomly in town and putting on a FREE concert. I called a few friends and ended up dragging Mark, Smitty, my brother and future sister-in-law down to the hot, crowded club. After suffering through way too many opening acts, we were finally rewarded with a short performance by Big & Rich – as well as a round of drinks, courtesy of the band.
  4. Yollapalooza: It was the summer that my friend Elizabeth got divorced. Her husband had left her, she was still in the middle of the muck, and she wanted to go to the country music festival in town. So, at the last minute, we paid (way too much) for tickets, iced up as many bottles of water as we could carry and claimed our seats. We heard Billy Currington, Miranda Lambert, Phil Vassar, Chris Cagle, and – our favorite – Jason Aldean. We sang, we sweated, we danced, we drank (water! We drank water!) – and for a few hours, we forgot the mess and just had fun.
  5. Dierks Bentley: Ohhhh, this was a good one! And FREE! And…another concert that Mark missed. (Boo.) But Smitty and I had a GREAT time watching Dierks. We were pretty close to the stage, even if we were standing next to a trash can. I’ve been hoping he’d come back for another free concert that Mark could go to, but it hasn’t worked out yet. Maybe next summer…
  6. Reckless Kelly: For my 30th birthday, Mark, Smitty and I went to a concert – in the most random, hard-to-find bar for a band I’d never heard of. And it was a blast!
  7. Harry Connick Jr.: I met Harry. I heard him sing. I shook his hand. I basically said, “I carried a watermelon.” ‘Nuff said?
  8. Retroactive: Okay, so this might (MIGHT?) be a stretch for a list of concerts. But a few months ago, Smitty, our friend Mindy and I went downtown to see an 80s cover band. We laughed so hard we cried – more than once! And while it might not have technically been a concert, there were musicians and instruments and big speakers. And costumes. Did I mention the costumes?
  9. Straight No Chaser: No offense to Keith Urban or Harry Connick, Jr., or any of the other wonderful musicians I’ve seen perform, but this was by far my favorite concert EVER. I was highly entertained and impressed the ENTIRE time these guys were on stage. Loved. It.
  10. Kris Allen & Keith Urban: I think I covered this one.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

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