Last night at choir practice, I sat behind the line of high school girls. I used to sit in the front row, but the teenagers slowly took over. Now I sit in the back with the other old fogies. (I’m kidding, friends! You’re not old!)

As I watched them whisper and giggle, I noticed that one of the girls had some pretty distinct tan lines on her back. After I took a moment to mourn the days of smooth skin and carefree summers, I remembered a writing prompt that Mama Kat provided a few weeks ago: What’s the worst sunburn you’ve ever had?

I have what you might call a “fair complexion.” Or, you might say I have alabaster skin. Then again, you might ask me if my name is actually Whitey McWhiterson.

So I’m pale. Thankfully, as I’ve mentioned, I’m also indoorsy. So the opportunity for major sun damage hasn’t come up often. However, when I am exposed to the sun for long periods of time? Well, I kind of burn up like a vampire.

[That reminds me: Annalyn has started adding “or sumpin” (“or something”) to the end of sentences every once in a while. So if she had written that last paragraph, she certainly would have said, “like a vampire or something.”]

The first bad burn I got was in the summer after 7th grade. My granddad was in the hospital, and my older cousins were on babysitting duty. (Although everyone was nice enough not to call it that.) One day, they took me along on their trip to Oceans of Fun, our local water park.

They slathered on baby oil, so I slathered on baby oil.

Have I ever told you that back in the day, I was considered smart? Yeah. Not so much that day. And did I mention that I borrowed one of their swimsuits, and it happened to be cut higher on the legs than my regular suit?

Sunburned shoulders hurt. Sunburned upper thighs? KILL.

And then when it turns to the itching phase? Yeah. Not so pleasant – or easily explained.

What’s the worst sunburn you’ve ever had?


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