Next Friday is my last day at my job. I’m leaving to spend more time with my family and to explore some options for more meaningful and flexible work.

In other words, I quit my job and will soon be a stay-at-home mom.

A few years ago, Mark and I went to Colorado for vacation. Our first stop was at Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park, where we hiked around the lake and up a supposedly “easy” trail to a waterfall. Then we decided to venture off the path and climb up a wall of rocks.

Climbing up was so much fun. But climbing down? Terrifying. That “wall of rocks” was maybe 10 feet tall, but I seriously thought I might die on the way down.

In other words, I’m not much of a rock climber.

Nevertheless, as my last day at work has approached and my anxiety level has flown past “slightly worried” and straight into “almost panicked but not quite,” I can’t help but compare this new phase of life with the very scary practice of rock climbing.

You have to let go of one thing in order to grab the next one.
It’s not hard to let go of my job. But letting go of my career – even if temporarily? And my idea of what “work” means? And my identity that, for better or worse, has a lot to do with going to an office and getting a paycheck? That’s real hard. But I can’t embrace this new adventure until I let go of those things.

Once you get to certain point, you can’t stop. You have to keep moving.
Mark and I discussed this for quite a while before finally deciding it was the right choice. Even then, though, we weren’t 100% sure. But there came a day when I had to put in my two and a half months’ notice – or lie about my plans for the third and fourth quarters.

So, I made the announcement. And then, there was no going back.

You need to have a spotter.
I don’t technically know how spotting works in rock climbing (you know, not being an actual rock climber). But I know you’re supposed to have one. And it’s kind of the same when going through major life changes, like quitting your job to stay home with your almost-three-year-old who’s recently developed serious behavior problems.

This one has come easily so far. Several of my friends responded to my announcement the same way: “Yay! Now we can have play dates !” Seriously, much squealing was involved. So, I already have two play dates scheduled and two others in the works. I’ve also scoped out our local MOPS group and plan on joining a Bible study at church once we get settled into our new routine.

It’s scary, but SO worth it.
I’m not sure about this one yet. But I’ll keep you posted…

Have you experienced any big life changes lately? Do you enjoy rock climbing?

Photo by Alex Indigo


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