I don’t know what movie bug has bitten me this summer, but I have had the worst craving for watching movies at the theater. Until a couple weeks ago, I had to make do with rentals and cable. But these past two weekends, I’ve gotten to see not just one, but two movies from the comfort of a freezing theater with overpriced bottled water and candy. (And I’ve rented a couple movies, too.)

The Backup Plan: I know. You hate Jennifer Lopez. I’m sure you do. Everyone does. But . . . I kind of like her. I know. Okay? I know. You now question my judgment more than ever before.

Still. I didn’t think this movie was bad. The leads are cute, and the premise is interesting. JLo’s character is single and tired of waiting around for Mr. Right. So she decides to become pregnant by artificial insemination. As she leaves the doctor’s office, she meets – of course – Mr. Right.

It’s as predictable as any romantic comedy, but I liked how the male lead didn’t take the female lead’s crap. He called her on it, and that is unusual for a chick flick. Also – not that this is important in the grand scheme of rom coms – both characters had interesting jobs.

If you like The Wedding Planner, Two Weeks Notice or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you’ll probably like this one.

The Other Guys: I mentioned this movie on Facebook and said, “But if you don’t like Will Ferrell, you might not like this one.” My friend Jeremy then commented and said, “If you don’t like Will Ferrell, unfriend!”

Now, I might be a big fan of Anchorman (and kind of a big deal, you know), but I wouldn’t say liking Will Ferrell is a deal breaker.

Although, really, who doesn’t think Will Ferrell is funny?

Back to the movie. It was ridiculous. It was over the top. It was completely unrealistic, and it had more than one scene of gross-out humor.

And I loved it. Mark and I laughed our HEADS off, and as we left the theater (yes, this was theater experience #1), I said, “We need to see that again soon, so we can begin quoting it immediately.”

I highly recommend The Other Guys. Unless you’re not a big fan of Anchorman. And then, well, unfriend.

[I kid! I kid! Just don’t watch this movie. We can still be friends!]

The Switch: Is it strange that this is the second movie I’ve watched recently about a woman deciding she’s tired of waiting for Mr. Right and getting pregnant with artificial insemination?

If it’s a sign of the times or a commentary on this day and age or some other such thing, I’m a little bummed out. I think I’ll chalk it up to big coincidence.

Anyway, other than the basic premise I just described, this movie was a lot different than The Backup Plan – and a lot better. Jennifer Aniston played the same character she always plays, and Jason Bateman played her neurotic best friend who “hijacks” her pregnancy.

I realize I’m under a lot of stress and wrapped up in an ugly ball of anxiety these days (yes, that would be a post for another day), but I cried several times during this movie! The little boy playing Aniston and Bateman’s son was adorable, and Jeff Goldblum was hysterical. But the best part for me was Bateman. I thought he was great.

Juliette Lewis, however, is always irritating. This was no exception.

The Losers: Sometimes I have a whole list of movies I want to see, and it seems like they’re all out at the same time. Other times, not so much.

And so I’m left to rent movies that seem like they might possibly appeal – or, at least, not annoy – both Mark and me. Case in point: The Losers, a shoot ‘em up movie about burned spies and based on a comic book.

What about that doesn’t sound good?

Seriously, it wasn’t bad. I was half watching, half blogging, but it didn’t annoy me. So there’s that.

I will say, though, that I am not buying heartsick Denny (a.k.a. Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as a super soldier. A charmer who needs a shave? Yes. A ruthless colonel leading a crew of mercenaries in the jungle? Umm . . . no.

What movies have you seen lately? Any good ones?


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