It’s no secret around here that I like to watch a lot of TV. Some of you have even suggested that I watch too much TV.

That’s fine. You go ahead and point your disapproving fingers. But just remember: When one finger is pointing at me, it makes it really hard to get a good grip on the remote.

Between the return of network TV and school supply sales (and, let’s be honest, the cooler temperatures), it’s no wonder that fall is my favorite season of all. And when you add in that both my first date with Mark and Annalyn’s birth took place in October? Well, it’s a miracle I can make it through the dreadful summer!

While there’s certainly a time and a place for discussing all those important parts of autumn, today’s time and place has been reserved for TV and TV alone. The countdown is on, and all my favorite shows (and yours, I hope) will be back in just a few days.

Have you started planning yet? Did you pore over the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide? Do you have a spreadsheet hammered out to organize your schedule?

No? Well, the clock’s ticking, but lucky for you, I’m here to help you figure it all out. By telling you what I’LL be watching, of course. And, maybe if you’re really nice and let me hold the remote, I’ll give you a blank TV schedule of your own.

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