A few weeks ago I made the mistake of leaving the TV on while I finished a blog post and some e-mail. Mark was working and Annalyn was in bed, so it was just me and the cable TV.

I flipped around and just as I was about to turn it off for the night, I landed on the beginning credits of Three Men & a Baby.

It had been years since I’d seen that! But even though it may have actually been a decade or more since I’d watched Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg run around in circles when a baby lands in their laps, I still knew every scene and most lines by heart.

That night, I started thinking about the movies I’ve seen so many times – mostly ones I watched over and over with my family – that they’re imprinted on my mind. And once I started thinking about it, I couldn’t stop until I got up, turned on the light and scribbled down all my thoughts.

[Does anyone else do that? I just had to get it out of my head.]

In no particular order – although, now that I think of it, chronological order would have been nice – here are the top 10 movies I have watched so many times I pretty much have them memorized.

Top 10 Movies I’ve Seen Too Many Times

  1. The Wizard of Oz: I watched this over and over with my family but really came to love it my senior year of high school – when I played Glinda the Good Witch in our school’s spring musical. I didn’t necessarily LOVE my part (or my costume) but I loved watching my friends turn into lions and tigers and bears. [Go ahead and say it. You know you want to. OH MY!]
  2. Mary Poppins: How could I not love a movie that features both dancing penguins and a song called, “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary”? And don’t forget, “What’s the name of his other leg?”
  3. City Slickers: My dad is a quiet, laidback guy. So seeing him laugh so hard I thought he might fall out of his recliner? Priceless. And this movie never fails to make that happen. So we watched it a lot. (Although, as I scrolled through the quotes on IMDB, I realized we watched the heavily edited version!)
  4. Secret of My Success: You may know Michael J. Fox from Family Ties or Back to the Future – and so do I. But I also know him from this little movie. It seems like most people haven’t watched it, but my family – for some reason – loved it. As a matter of fact, I even owned the soundtrack. Copied from my cousin’s tape, of course.
  5. Big: This is a movie where I may not have memorized a lot of lines, but certain images and scenes – like dancing on a keyboard and a creepy carnival psychic machine thing – seem to be stuck with me forever.
  6. Back to the Future: Speaking of Michael J. Fox, this is a classic, am I right? Now, we need to settle a friendly dispute I had with my friend, Josh. He says that the second Back to the Future is the best, apparently all due to the wonder of the hoverboard. I, on the other hand, believe the first is the best and the third is a close second. Follow me? And, more importantly, agree with me?
  7. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade: One of the first two Indiana Jones is gross (I think Temple of Doom), while the other one is just fine. But the last one is by far my favorite. “Don’t call me Junior!”
  8. Grease: I’ll admit it. Like most of these movies, the more adult themes went right over my head when I watched them many years ago. I didn’t understand why our drama teacher said we couldn’t do Grease as our annual musical. Until I did. And, yeah, she was right. But still. How can you resist the innocence of Olivia Newton John, the smirk of John Travolta and unforgettable lines like, “Tell me ‘bout it, stud.”
  9. Dirty Dancing: I’m pretty sure I’ve covered this one. But during our conversation last night about classic – or, at least, often-watched – movies, my friend Brittany admitted that she’s never seen this movie. I see a viewing in our very near future…
  10. Ferris Bueller / Breakfast Club: The music, the lines, the small rebellion that seemed so big at the time. Both of these movies are classics, and I love them both. The end.

What movies have you watched a million times? And which Back to the Future is your favorite?

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