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Ten days from now, I’m holding a Veggie Tales themed party for my daughter’s third birthday. And, I’m sad to say, I’ve barely started planning. No, it’s not like me. But it’s been a little crazy around our house lately, and I just haven’t had the brain power to plan. It’s like I don’t even know me anymore.

When Annalyn requested “Bob music” a couple months ago, I knew I’d scored. Sure, it’s been fun to sing along – and hear her singing along – to “God Made You Special” and “Where is My Hairbrush?” But more importantly, this resurgence in Veggie Tales love provided the perfect opportunity for diverting her attention from the princesses.

I know it’s just a matter of time before my opinionated little toddler turns into an opinionated little girl – and I’ll have to let her have some say in things like birthday party themes, Halloween costumes and the like.

But for now? I’m all for convincing her that SHE had the idea that I came up with in the first place. As soon as we picked up those CDs and popped one in the stereo, I started prepping her. “Veggie Tales are fun. I love Veggie Tales; don’t you? Wouldn’t you like a Veggie Tales birthday party?”

I know. I shouldn’t manipulate my own daughter. But I figure this might be our last non-princess-themed year for a while – and I wanted to make sure we made the best of it.

Since deciding on the theme a couple months ago, I have scribbled out four or five lists and plans. I have reserved the park shelter and sent {adorable} invitations. And I have periodically reminded Annalyn that she’s going to have a Veggie Tales birthday party and isn’t it going to be so much fun?

I have not:

  • Ordered a cake
  • Purchased streamers, tablecloths or paper goods
  • Decided on – much less started making – decorations
  • Finalized a menu
  • Received more than one actual RSVP

Oh dear. Just putting that on paper {okay, screen} makes me nervous! Maybe you can help me with some ideas? Here’s what I’ve thought of so far (this makes quasi-list and semi-plan #6):

Veggie Tales party décor and more

  • If I do centerpieces (maybe just one on the food table?), I thought I could fill terra cotta pots with something cute.
  • Also, I could use small pots filled with dried beans to hold the utensils. (Get it? Beans are veggies?)
  • Red, green and yellow streamers, maybe even a streamer backdrop like Mandi made
  • Regular red balloons and long green balloons (as far as I can tell, nobody makes or sells actual Veggie Tales Mylar balloons anymore)
  • I’m debating on tablecloths to cover the picnic tables. It’s fun for color and nice for, well, clean-ness. But SUCH a pain if the wind is blowing at all.
  • I’m going to buy plain red, green and yellow plates, cups, napkins and flatware. (Okay, flatware might just be white.) But if I can find Veggie Tales stickers, that would be a quick and easy way to customize the cups.
  • I love birthday banners. Etsy is full of them, and the blogosphere has a million tutorials. But actually finding the time and/or money is the issue here…
  • I bought Annalyn a Bob the Tomato shirt to wear. And I’m making Mark wear a green shirt (like Larry the Cucumber). Red is my favorite color, so finding a red shirt to wear won’t be hard. Not feeling like I actually resemble a round tomato might be. I’m just saying.
  • I bought a Veggie Tales greatest hits CD to play during the party. (Finally! Something that’s DONE.

Veggie Tales party food

  • Even though it’s a little weird (cannibalistic and all), I’m going to have a huge veggie tray (carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, pickles, broccoli).
  • My plan is to scoop out the insides of pumpkins, gourds and/or peppers to hold a couple dips for the veggies.
  • Fruit kabobs – I know. Melons, grapes and apples aren’t veggies. But what kind of birthday party only serves veggies?
  • And in that case, we might as well give in and have some candy, too: M&Ms and Skittles.
  • The Cake. Originally, I planned to make cake pops that looked like peas and cupcakes with red frosting to look like tomatoes. But Annalyn has her heart set on an actual Veggie Tales cake, so I have to make a trip to the HyVee bakery and pray we don’t end up with a Cake Wreck.

Veggie Tales birthday presents

  • Fisher-Price Tricycle: Annalyn has been practicing riding in physical therapy, and I think it will be great (and fun) for us to have one at home.
  • Sweetpea Beauty Veggie Tales video: Okay, so this is a compromise between princesses and Veggie Tales. I can’t wait to watch it! I mean, give it to her.
  • Two Veggie Tales books: We’re having Annalyn’s party a week before her birthday, so I wanted to have a small gift to give her on her actual big day. When we were at the bookstore, I found two big board books (I know, she’s not a baby anymore. Yes, they’re board books but they DO have words in them.) for $10. Total. I thought it was a good deal and snatched them up.

So, that’s it. Any ideas for making it easier/more fun? What’s the best party you’ve ever thrown?

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