A couple weeks ago, I walked into Annalyn’s classroom to pick her up and saw that the room was covered in birthday decorations. “Wow! Whose birthday was it?” I asked.

It turns out that the next day (Monday, because that day was Friday) was Mr. Todd’s birthday, and they wanted to surprise him. Mr. Todd is the classroom’s lead teacher, and he opens by coming in at 6 a.m. every day.

As we walked to the car, I told Annalyn that I thought we should make a card for Mr. Todd. She thought that sounded like a brilliant plan. (Her words, not mine. Okay, they weren’t her words. But I’m sure she was thinking it.)

So, we went home and grabbed the camera, some paper and markers. I wrote, “Happy 30th Birthday, Mr. Todd” on five pieces of paper with the most worthless markers I’ve ever seen. (Seriously. Someone needs to buy markers around here.)

Next, I picked out several different outfits for Annalyn to wear. All the while, I was promising that yes, she could color after we made Mr. Todd’s birthday card. No, she could not use the markers yet (or EVER).

For each new piece of paper, I put her in a new outfit (although I forgot about the last one, so two are the same. Pretty sure nobody cares. Right?) and snapped her photo (or 20) while holding the paper. (“Hold it up. No, not in front of your face. In front of your tummy. NO, don’t look at your tummy. Okay, right there. Now smile. No, don’t wrinkle your nose. Just smile NORMAL!”)

I lucked out and got a pretty good shot of each pose, printed them in a 4×6 collage and stuck them on a card. Annalyn took it to Mr. Todd on Monday, and he LOVED it. I know that because he actually gave her a thank you note saying that it was his favorite card of the year.


This post will be linked up with Sara’s brilliant idea, YOU:create. Seriously, I love that she encourages (pushes, maybe?) us to be creative in some way, every week. And then to share it! So, here I am, sharing.

Have you done anything creative this week?

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