I have a whole list of very serious and important topics to blog about. However, I can’t seem to muster the energy to write a word about any of them. So, that just leaves us with some random thoughts that have been bouncing around my head.

This could get scary.


Speaking of scary, today is Annalyn’s Halloween party at preschool. She is going to look adorable in her Minnie Mouse costume! And that is just a miracle. Not that she’ll look cute; that’s a given. But that we have her costume in hand. I waited just a little too long to decide on one and ordered it just a couple weeks ago. Over the weekend, I got a notice from UPS saying that it would be delivered – TODAY. As in, AFTER the party!

I’m so relieved that, after several weeks of priming Annalyn for the big day (“And what are you going to be for Halloween? Minnie Mouse! That’s right! Yay!”), I didn’t have to stuff her 90th percentile height and weight into last year’s ladybug costume!

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? What kind of costume are YOU wearing?


A while back, I needed new plug-in, smelly things for the house. The scratch-and-sniff fragrance I settled on that day happened to be an Air Wick, so I bought the plug-ins and proceeded to smell up the house. In a good way!

Lately, however, I’ve discovered that Air Wick is no longer popular enough to be sold at Walmart. Yes, I realize I could shop somewhere, but the fact is, I buy the bulk of my groceries at Walmart and I find having to hit a second store SO irritating!

After complaining for a few weeks now (surprise, surprise), I finally broke down and bought the ridiculously expensive Febreze system. I scratched and sniffed several of their fragrance duos and finally settled on two. Mark picked out an apple and caramel combo, and I chose lavendar and vanilla.

The apple and caramel STUNK. I mean, in theory, it smells great. I love apple; it’s my favorite. But this time? It was BAD. And STRONG. And just WRONG.

Thankfully, the lavendar and vanilla hasn’t been quite as awful. It’s crazy strong, but now that I’ve gotten the sickeningly sweet caramel apple smell out, I’ve gotten used to it. It’s jut no Air Wick.

What is your favorite fragrance? What do you use to make your house smell good?


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that if there’s something I make excuses for NOT doing (aside from losing weight, and we’re just not going to talk about that right now), it’s recycling.

Though it’s been on my to-do list and part of my New Year’s resolutions for a couple years now (YEARS!), I have just recently mastered the whole process. For the past year, I’ve been separating our recyclables from the trash, but I couldn’t manage to get them to the recycling bin in the church parking lot.

But a couple months ago, something wonderful happened. Our trash company finally got their act together and started collecting recycling in our neighborhood! AND, they gave us two huge trash carts. AND, the service is actually cheaper than trash alone has been for seven years now!

I cannot even tell you how much I love that recycling cart. And the service. It make me so happy to know I can take all my paper and aluminum out to the garage, drop it in my HUGE bin with the yellow lid – and get rid of it within a week!

Do you recycle?


I’ve recently come to terms with a major failing of mine: I can’t park my car to save my life. That’s right. I’m a bad parker.

Ever since we got our wannabe SUV (technically a crossover) last fall, I’ve noticed that parking spaces are narrower and fellow drivers park much closer to the lines.

Ummm, yeah. Not so much.

I’m finally able to admit that the problem is ME. I’ve always driven cars, so this larger vehicle just gets the best of me the second I pull into a parking lot. So sad.

What are YOU not so good at? Or, I suppose, feel free to share your parking-a-big-car tips. If you must.


Last piece of randomness: Last weekend, we redecorated Annalyn’s room. It’s not as extensive as it sounds, although I will definitely be writing a post about the details as soon as I finish some details. The main thing we accomplished was taking her crib out of the room and moving in a twin bed.

That’s right. My baby is no longer a baby. I won’t blame you if you need to take a moment. I sure did.

But nearly as exciting as her “big girl bed” is the cutest little pink lamp I found on clearance at Target! See, sometimes I get something in my head, an idea, a belief that a certain object or service SHOULD exist. Because I want it. And it would be perfect.

Unfortunately, what happens most often in that case is that I can’t find the darned thing because it doesn’t actually exist. But not this time. I just knew a tiny pink lamp would be perfect for Annalyn’s new big girl, pink princess (I know. Don’t get me started.) room. And then I FOUND it!

Of course, finding a tiny light bulb to fit it hasn’t been quite as simple. But I’m not letting that bring me down. Nope. I just look at that tiny lamp and smile, every single time I’m in her room.

(Okay, not EVERY time. Because many times I’m in her room these days involve time outs and discussions about obeying Mommy. Again. But you get my point.)

That tiny lamp is making me so happy these days. What is making YOU happy right now?

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography.

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