Okay. Let me preface this by saying that I’m normally a highly rational person. I over-analyze things, and if I can’t fit things into my black and white boxes, I get all sorts of riled up and uncomfortable in general.

Also. I believe in God. And heaven and hell. And going there immediately after we die.

But. This one time? At church camp? I swear I saw a ghost.

I know. It’s crazy. But let me tell you what happened.

My youth group was on our way to Texas for church camp, and we stopped at a church in Oklahoma and spent the night. We slept on the floor of the church basement, boys in one room and girls in another. My friend and I were, of course, talking and giggling way past lights-out when it happened.

We saw a white figure going up the stairs. At the time, we assumed it was one of the boys. In the morning, though, they all denied going upstairs.

Clearly, it must have been a ghost!

We were afraid of that. The only thing that calmed us down after the, how shall we say, SIGHTING was convincing ourselves that if the ghost lived in a church, it must be a good ghost.


Now, I will admit that both my friend and are blind as bats, and we were not wearing our contacts at the time we spotted this white figure. And, it’s also possible that the boys – rotten adolescents, all of them – were just messing with us.

But to this day, I’m honestly not sure!

Have you ever seen a ghost? (Do you now think I’m totally crazy?!?)

Photo by peasap.

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